Vietnamese Women

3 Things Non-Vietnamese Men Should Know About Vietnamese Dating

Whether you have your eye on a specific Vietnamese woman or if you’re interested in meeting Vietnamese women in general, you need to understand that they’re not the same as the Western women you might be used to. Meeting them online or in real life comes with a whole new set of rules from your previous dating experiences. Take note of the following in order to successfully date a Vietnamese woman.

3 Things Non-Vietnamese Men Should Know About Vietnamese Dating

1. She’ll be modest and traditional

Vietnamese women aren’t shrinking violets, but they’re certainly not going to be loud and crass. When you see a Vietnamese woman online or while out, you should always make the first move. Most women of Asian descent will never make the first move since this can make them feel like a floozy. It might seem like an outdated notion, but many Vietnamese women will still believe that it is the man’s place to approach a woman. What’s more, that first approach is your chance to show her that you’re confident and masculine, without being aggressive.

Vietnamese women want a strong male figure, but they don’t want an overbearing jerk with rocks for brains. Be a gentleman and show her that chivalry isn’t dead and you’ll be surprised at how receptive she is to your advances.

2. She won’t be easy

While she’ll be receptive to gentlemanly approaches, these aren’t the type of girls you want to approach with offers of casual sex. Vulgar language and not respecting her physical boundaries will lead to a swift rejection. Remember that they’re modest and still believe in the ideals of a more traditional time where women wouldn’t sleep with casual partners. This is a part of why many men prefer Vietnamese women in the first place.

You won’t be getting her into bed anytime soon, but once you put a ring on her finger you also never have to worry about your wife cheating on you. They value loyalty and won’t entertain other men who approach them. They’re hard work, but they’re worth it.

3. Her family has to like you

Vietnamese culture places heavy emphasis on family. She’ll want you to meet her parents as soon as possible and it’s crucial that you make a good impression when you do meet her parents. Be respectful and show that you’re a good provider and there shouldn’t be any problems. Be prepared to attend many family functions and visit with her parents often. Vietnamese children will also look after their parents in their old age, so don’t even try to mention elderly care facilities when the time comes.

On the flipside, she’ll make a big effort with your family. Taking a Vietnamese girl home to meet your family will show her that you’re taking her seriously and you’re ready to commit. Your parents will be surprised by how differently she acts from Western girls, since she’ll show the same respect to your parents that you’re expected to give to hers.