Vietnamese Women

Dating Etiquette of Vietnamese People!

Dating is not as easy as like other countries of the west in Vietnam. There are numerous reasons behind that. Here the word dating involves romance, affair, sex and everything else that is adjacent to relationships. If you look deeply you can find social and cultural status are determining factors of relationships in Vietnam.

Dating Etiquette of Vietnamese People!

Family plays a pivotal role when it comes to the relationship-related concerns. The morals and social norms of the country are developed way before and the tentative age of that will be not less than one thousand years. This is why it will be whimsical to expect an entirely changed scenario in a quick period of time, though things are changing a bit in a sluggish way. Usual traditions of Vietnamese people make them well aware of their compartmentalized social rules. If you are already in Vietnam and have some plans to date a girl, this article, therefore, can be helpful.

While initiating a relationship:

It would be foolish to expect initiation of a relationship with a Vietnamese woman. This is because they consider it cheap and it that way men will identify as ‘easy’. This is why ‘men’ need to move first to initiate a tie. If a man feels attraction for a certain woman and wants to date with her, it is his duty to repeatedly meet the woman’s family to make a good impression. Once a good impression will be made, that person can request her family members to leave their girl for a date. Yes, the acceptance from the girl is mandatory, but not everything. This is the key significance of Vietnamese dating related etiquettes. As the women are mostly get married at their 20’s and men at 30’s, the chance extramarital relationship is limited. But it is necessary to mention, the option of making romance is increased a bit in recent days as many of the women are choosing the age of late twenties to get married.

Vietnamese and their families:

Most of the Vietnamese culture are celebrated and vowed in a family-oriented environment. It means Vietnamese people usually stay at home with their families at holidays and in different festivals, where people at west tend to hang elsewhere. Making romance is considered as a very secret matter over there. In rural areas, if a man likes a woman, the only way to get her is to send a formal marriage proposal to the girl’s family through a mediator. In the urban areas, things have changed a bit. In case a girl’s family allows a male partner as ‘accepted’, he can visit and date. In parallel both the family guardians of the man and woman starts to visit each other’s house and exchange words for solemnizing the marriage.

Modern days Vietnamese and their dating style:

Modern days Vietnamese are also obligated to vow the culture of the country! Upon the approval of a certain relationship by the woman’s family, a man can make some low-key public date before the marriage. Increasing numbers of Vietnamese don’t love this steadfast social barrier in making a relationship and going for a date. This is why the number of the people taking help of different dating arrangement service is growing fast.