Vietnamese Women

Openness and the exclusiveness of Vietnamese girl!

In general, Vietnamese girls are regarded as irregular in comparison to the western girls. This is why people those having plans to visit Vietnam usually suggested to know some basics about the cultural norms of that country. But Vietnamese girls are really cool in terms of openness. As a dating partner, they have numbers of exclusive things to offer. Though you might find some tiny differences between two different cities of Vietnam, still the rudimentary formula applies in almost anywhere.

Openness and the exclusiveness of Vietnamese girl

Exposure of beautiful jealousy:

Note it down; Vietnamese girls are quite stern in a romanticized sense. They can become an uptight jealous partner of someone like the time of 1850’s. While you are going somewhere on a bike and seeing another girl, you might get a slap right on your face, or at least you might need to face a shouting battle. This is a simple example how intense their love really is.

Relentless testing attitude:

You might know that a cold approach of picking up girls is non-existent at Vietnam as because there are many social networks and circles available. Online based dating sites are playing the anchor role in that perspective. Here women usually test men in different ways. They do it to find the perfect commitment level. These try to understand how you are reacting through those testing.

For an example, a girl might ignore you for three days or can break a commitment. She might say you have stolen something from her. They do all these to see how you react. You might ignore those things and take the domination eventually. Again you can say sorry and start begging to identify your mistakes. Whether you will pass the test will depend on the type of the girls. A slutty girl and a conservative girl don’t things the same about clinginess and commitment. Once you are passed the test, you will start getting unlimited love and affection. This is where Vietnamese girls are really special.

Saigon girls vs. Hanoi girls:

In across the Asia, you can find a difference in a political city and a business city. This is true for Vietnam too just like the difference between Chinese cities, Beijing and Shanghai. Though the girls of the southern city Saigon and the capital city Hanoi are equally beautiful, there are some differences that you should know. Those differences are mostly in the area of exposure and how far they are from online dating websites.

Say as, Hanoi girls usually strive for a perfect model look. But Saigon girls loves being diverse with different fashionable clothes! They are fond of color and always have a revealing attire. They are better in speaking English and this is really an advantage for non-Vietnamese. Moreover, they are really down to fuck if you compare with average Hanoi girls. Though the core values are still the same, you can identify them labeling as conservative & liberal. Use of online dating sites is more common in Hanoi girls, though the Saigon girls are not far behind.