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Are Vietnamese American women more likely to date outside of their race than other Asian Americans?

The world of online dating is truly spreading its roots to every nook and corner of the world. It has provided a platform for everybody to find true love irrespective of caste, creed or religion and may be this is the reason that most of the interracial relationships have online origin. There was a time when Asian American relationship was not considered to be ideal but online dating platform have breached all boundaries. Love sees no boundaries and it has been fairly proven.

Are Vietnamese American women more likely to date outside of their race than other Asian Americans?

Matter of choice: Generally Asian American people try to look for someone who still has his/her roots in Asia but might be based in America now. Many online dating apps and websites also provide provision to mention the ethnicity preference as one of the basis of finding an ideal match. But the same thing and feeling is not noticed among Vietnamese American women as they tend to date someone outside of their race. A study shows that Vietnamese women are interested in men, who are open- minded, smart, intelligent, bold, witty and quick in making decisions. Apparently, they don’t find all these traits in Viet dudes and hence American guys seem to be attractive to them.

Platform of online dating: Online dating has opened gates to everybody and this has provided a platform to Vietnamese American women to find their ideal match. They are smart and settled in their own professions and are thus independent to choose someone whom they think would be appropriate for them.

Inclination towards openness and liberty: Vietnamese women grow up in a very confined environment which is full of limitations. Hence, they feel lack of fresh and independent air while growing up. This suffocation of excessive limitations which are imposed on them by their family and culture makes them attract people outside their race. For instance, most of the China based Americans want Chinese culture to be part of their kids and future family and hence they find a partner of their own race. But Vietnamese women don’t want to pass on the environment of limitations to their kids and thus people who live and breathe freely outside their race attract them more!

Blend of cultures: Vietnamese American women are very serious when it comes to dating. They don’t believe in one night flings but look for a true and lasting bond which eventually leads to marriage. Marrying outside their own race help their kids to adopt cultural values of two religions! They as a couple bring a lot of small yet valuable things to the table which is then carried forward to other generation. The community of Asian Americans is undoubtedly expanding and thus it is not difficult to find an ideal match in your own community but Vietnamese American women think out of the box and want to spend rest of their lives with someone who allows them to live their lives freely. The openness of Western culture certainly attracts them! Just like a bird in cage always look means to fly out!