Vietnamese Women

How To Make Your Dating Profile Attractive To Vietnamese Women

Vietnamese women are hard to impress. They’re picky for a reason though, they have incredibly high standards. If this is the type of women you want to date, read on.

How To Make Your Dating Profile Attractive To Vietnamese Women

1. Get advice from Vietnamese friends, if you have any

Getting insider information can make all the difference when it comes to attracting a classy Vietnamese woman. Your friends will know what they want to hear, what might work and what you definitely should NOT be saying. Asking them to read through your profile might be a good idea to prevent yourself from offending a potential match.

2. Don’t be boring

Let’s be honest, you’re facing a lot of competition. Every second guy and his friend wants to date a Vietnamese girl. You’re going to have to stand out from a sea of “I like long walks on the beach”. Say something witty and unique, but don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Then you’re just wasting her time and your own.

3. Include your hobbies

Bonding over a shared interest is a great way to get to know someone, especially if that interest is an outdoor activity. Into sports? Suggest meeting your interest for a tennis match. Like music festivals? Get two tickets for an outdoor concert. Having an amazing first date will mean smooth sailing from there on out.

4. Include interesting pictures

Whatever you do, don’t just add five selfies. One selfie is acceptable, after all they’ll need to know what your face looks like. Make the rest of your pictures action shots. Playing tennis, dancing at a concert… anything that shows you’re an interesting person with hobbies.

5. Don’t be self-deprecating

Nothing is worse than someone badmouthing themselves on a dating profile. Firstly, why would you want to tell somebody you’re interested in what’s wrong with you? And secondly, this gives the impression that you’re insecure and have self-esteem issues. No woman wants to deal with that either.

6. Don’t put up pretenses

Don’t say that you’re the CEO of a company if you’re the manager of a local supermarket. They will find out and when they do, they will write you off. Vietnamese women value honesty and integrity above all else.

7. Be specific about what you’re looking for

Your chances of getting a date with a Vietnamese woman by stating that you only want casual sex is low. But if that’s truly all you want, it will save both you and her time. Looking for a serious relationship is more likely to get you responses from Vietnamese women.

8. Keep your profile updated

Update it in the same way you would update your CV. Picked up a new hobby? Add it in.

9. Proofread before posting

Nothing is sadder than finding a profile that is perfect and full of your interests, except the spelling and grammar is awful. Women want intelligent men and by having a grammatically correct profile you send the message that you are serious about finding somebody right for you.