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Myths And Fact About Dating Vietnamese Guys

There are many rumors and anecdotes floating around the dating world when it comes to Vietnamese men. Are they the truth? In some cases, yes and in some cases no. These are a few common beliefs and the truth behind them.

Myths And Fact About Dating Vietnamese Guys

1. They always pay the bill

This is true. Vietnamese men value chivalry and would never dream of splitting the bill, much less asking their date to foot the bill. If you’re dating a Vietnamese guy, you can expect to be treated like a proper lady while out on dates.

2. They don’t drink

This one is halfway true. Vietnamese men don’t drink a lot. This is because they tend to be more of a light weight than other races (it’s genetic!) and they prefer not to be fall over drunk while out with a lady friend.

3. They are mommy’s boys

Again, this one is almost true. They aren’t mommy’s boys in the creepy way that western men can be and they’re usually equally close to both of their parents. People assume that they are mommy’s boys because they sometimes live with their parents until they get married. This has more to do with their culture and family values than it does with how independent they are.

4. They are well-mannered

In the sense of table manners, yes. They are taught to put their guests first and be a considerate eater (no open mouthed chewing, lip smacking, etc.). On the other hand, they tend to be emotionally reserved. These men won’t be overly friendly. Instead they will come across as formal and to some people, even rude.

5. They’re feminine

This depends on the person of course, but as a rule Vietnamese men aren’t any more feminine than another race of men. This belief is largely due to media portrayals of Eastern men being feminine.

6. They need the approval of their parents

This is true. Vietnamese men will likely not continue seeing a girl if his mother and father don’t like her. This is once again due to the family values within Vietnamese cultures. Family is seen as being the most important thing. Children live with and take care of their parents until they get married and even then, their parents will likely come stay with them if they are elderly. That’s why it is crucial for a Vietnamese man’s wife to get along with his parents.

7. They won’t make the first move

This is true in a certain sense. The full truth is rather that they take their time with relationships. They are in no rush and will first see if you are truly compatible with him before dating. These men date to marry and won’t waste their time on uncertainty.

8. They won’t show public displays of affection

This is true. In Vietnamese culture PDA is considered rude and disrespectful. In public they will remain calm and composed, but behind closed doors there’s no saying what will happen.