Vietnamese Women

3 Tips to Get a Date with Vietnamese Women on Tinder.

If you’ve been to Vietnam, then you’d know that it is almost impossible to pick up a girl on the street as it is in other countries. This is because girls seriously value their social profile and no girl wants to be viewed as a slut. As such, you will find most girls on dating sites and Tinder is a great way to meet them. Also, finding dates on Tinder has many more benefits to it. One, you don’t have to spend much time or money to land a date. You don’t have to spend half the night at the club and money buying drinks. You also meet many kinds of girls who you wouldn’t meet normally as not all girls love partying or clubbing. Lastly, it ensures privacy as opposed to picking up a girl on the streets with all eyes on you. With that said, let’s take a look at some ways to get a date with Vietnamese women:

3 Tips to Get a Date with Vietnamese Women on Tinder

1. Upload quality Pictures

Tinder is photo-based app. The photos you upload will play a huge role in the success you gain in landing dates. As such, you might want to be choosy on the kind of photos you choose to represent you. Upload about five pictures of you. These pictures should be really good photos of high quality and with good lighting. This will raise your chances of success as there are many members on Tinder. If you just upload low quality, chances are that you will get passed on, regardless of what a great guy you are. Also, make your pictures interesting. You could include ones where you are busy at your hobbies such as mountain climbing.

2. Beef up your profile

Once the pictures catch the ladies’ eyes, the next place they’ll dash to is your profile bio. Your bio may make the difference between the lady swiping right or losing interest in you. As such, ensure you make your bio interesting. Take the opportunity to identify your hobbies and interests to potential matches. Research also shows that 98% of women don’t swipe right to men that left their bios empty. As such, so as to better your chances of landing a date, beef up on your bio.

3. Making small talk

Once you get a match, the next step is to engage the lady in conversation. This will be a great determiner to whether you will be going out on a date or not. As such, take your time to craft the opening line. You could start by reading her bio and then identifying something interesting like commenting on how cute her puppy is. Once you starting chatting and you run out of things to talk about, you could always use GIFs to save the day and also a way to show that you have a great sense of humor.

Vietnamese women make great company as they are very caring. Getting a date shouldn’t be a mammoth undertaking anymore.