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Tips To Get A Date With Vietnamese Men

Vietnamese Tradition is still very relevant even in this modern days and thus emphasizes on the importance of preserving ones moral integrity and the integrity of the other person when it comes to dating. Although men and women are being entrusted to get a suitable spouse for themselves, but in Vietnam culture maintaining a good reputation, respect and care for one’s family is highly regarded.Therefore, etiquette rules for dating are made to ensure both men and women find virtuous, respectful and family-oriented spouse to marry, because most Vietnamese men date to marry.

Tips To Get A Date With Vietnamese Men

Starting a relationship

Relationship in Vietnamese can be group in several stages; most starting point of a relationship is a friendly date. A traditional first date of going to a park or having a cup of coffee is a good and respectful way of initiating a relationship in Vietnam. The man and woman go out together in public places as friends only and will be accompanied by one or two of their mutual friends. Kissing, holding of hands, or any public display of affection at this stage is prohibited as Vietnamese culture discourages premarital affection and public displays of affection. During courtship, couples may now go out together on their own without any third party but there must be discreet. The Vietnam man is expected to plan and pay the bills when going on your first date and even subsequent ones.

Woman should possess great value

In Vietnamese culture, patience, virtue and class are the keywords for woman when it comes to dating. Woman is expected to be submissive and never to be the first to initiate a courtship with a man, because it is seen as being too forward and improper behavior for a woman in Vietnamese culture, and therefore the proper etiquette would be to wait for the man to approach first. While during dating or courtship woman must not encourage physical advances. It’s a sign of indecency in Asian culture for a woman to propose to a man. Playing hard to get is a tradition of Vietnamese women, and it is expected not to show immediate interest in the man they are dating, to assure that his feelings are moral. The woman should embody a good trait expected of a Vietnamese woman, such as quietness, femininity, shyness and overall be respectful.

Always keep family abreast

Family plays a significant role in Vietnam culture, knowing this will help you build a strong relationship by entrusting your spouse family with high regard. When courting in Vietnamese, you are courting the entire family. After both parent consents, it is also considered proper etiquette to spend time with the each other’s family on multiple occasions, often bringing gifts to members of the family. Vietnam culture is family-oriented, thus, when you marry one you marry the family at least the mother, father, and even siblings too. You must know this before starting a relationship with any Asian man.

Parent consent is important before marriage

Since marriage is the primary purpose of dating in the Vietnamese culture, after passing the courting stage in your relationship, then you can make the decision to get engage. However, prior to the engagement, the man is expected to ask for permission to marry from the woman’s parents according to Vietnamese tradition. If permission is granted, the parents of both the man and the woman meet to discuss about their wedding and marriage. With all interactions, gifts are expected to be exchanged as gestures of goodwill between the two families. Ifman engages or marries a woman without family consent, this act is considered disrespectful in Vietnamese culture; and the relationship might be broken up by the family.