Top 5 Best Asian Dating Apps in 2018

Searching for a cool Asian girlfriend or a dashing Asian boyfriend? Top Asian dating apps can help you out there. Now a days many numbers of online based dating service providing apps are available where you can connect and find out the best match.

Those apps can serve you if you are a single man or a woman. Those apps are for the bisexuals and for the queers. Doesn’t matter you are divorced or a LGBT, a good Asian dating app can offer you the solution. Asian dating apps have affiliation with Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese, Thai and men & women of some other areas. For providing the answers to all sorts of appeals, don’t forget to become connected with these following five leading mobile based apps.

Many Asian people are making the best use of these apps as they are getting connected, planning dates, hanging over and marrying eventually. Besides, people outside of Asian region, specifically the men usually show profound interest to date with Asian women. All those initiatives made this platform enormous and every day more and more people are coming under the cover of those awesome dating apps. When you are a member of any of these apps, planning for a certain date is absolutely ‘No Work’!

Filipino Cupid

With the help of the technology, the essence of dating is shaping in a new dimension. Now you can get specialized dating platform like FilipinoCupid in the Google Play. Many people are getting closer to these apps and altogether they are making this the primary stage to meet people and to find matches as per their desire. This article will give you an idea about Filipina, a Filipino women dating app that helps Filipino women to meet guys living in the West. By reading it you can know how someone can optimize the search.

Secret behind the success of FilipinoCupid:

FilipinoCupid App is very successful as because of its extensive search option. This is probably the best platform for the men looking for casual dating with Filipino women. You can log into the profile fast and at any time. For better interaction among the members of the community, you can hardly get a better app. Here are some of its prominent features:

Search:FilipinoCupid has a huge database that allows its members to make search more effectively. You can customize your searches too. This is where you can send members smiles and much more. With the help of a large pool of people around the globe, Filipina has made a great platform for all to increase the chances of getting together more intensely.

Message: This is one of the leading features that this website can offer. With the help of it, members can interact with each other in a smoother way. The more members of a platform can interact, the higher the chance of getting themselves together. It’s a simple math.

Diversity: You can browse members living all around the world. Members chat here each other and get many more invitations.

Watch members: You can watch members through their profiles and with a lot of beautiful images. Those images are all high-quality images. You can send messages to them instantly.

Miscellaneous: This app is well-protected from bugs attack. It is open for all iPhone and Android users. This is where you can come for flirt only.

FilipinoCupid Active members

Anyone can subscribe to FilipinoCupid without one exception; you need to pass the age of 17. The registration is completely free. It has around thousands of registered members and the number is growing steadily. Most of the members are active and responsive. You can find huge numbers of recently separated and mode changing women actively response in this group. Active members usually help each other to find a match. In case you are looking for a fit and yet to get one, another active member of Filipina might give you some tips.

Privacy and safety:

FilipinoCupid is perfectly safe for all its members and users. There is no chance of information leaking and it works in an encrypted formula. This is why customer rating of this website is high and many people have quoted positive things about it. Most of the people enjoy the feature of FilipinoCupid confirmation system.

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#2 ThaiJoop


People are using technology to being closer and every day this pace is growing steadily. Today you can get an effective mobile app like ‘ThaiJoop’ that can playa pivotal role for the men and women thatwant to meet new friends. ThaiJoop is probably the largest platform for findingThaiwomen across the world. With the help of this app, you can go on new dates and can find beautiful Thai girls of your region of any ages.

Key significance:

  • This is a place where registration is based on Facebook connects. Just set your biographical detail and upload a good profile photo. You are all set to step forward.
  • ThaiJoop is the most popular app that is loved by the critics where everyone is welcomed and a friendly environment is guaranteed.

Key features:

Verified Accounts: For all men and women, ‘ThaiJoop’ is a great place as all the accounts of it is completely verified. This is why you can remain sure that you are talking about real peoples. ThaiJoop is merely for Apple users.

You can always add your friends to join here and therefore you can always message each other. Here you can post a question to get the review of everyone regarding a certain topic. Again you can share something saying what you are recently up to. This is a place where you can post and read new things. This is a great place to comment on links and the videos released today.

This is a place for unlimited chat. This chat feature of this app is really awesome. In a single load it is possible to see at least 200 profiles. This is where you can block profiles that you don’t want to see. This is where you can report users in case you are disturbed by someone.

You can customize the gender that you want to see. You can always see what you want to see. It is compatible to both iPhone and Andorid. Though inbox size is a bit limited, members are more than happy with it as the reviews are showing.

People welcomed by ‘ThaiJoop’:

Anyone can join ‘ThaiJoop’ if she is above 17. The identity of the men needs to be verified to get the membership.

Subscriptions of ThaiJoop:

There are more than one subscription options to join ‘ThaiJoop’. You can register for free.

  • 500 Token of ThaiJoop will cost you $4.99.
  • 1200 Tokenof ThaiJoop will cost you $9.99
  • 3000 Token of ThaiJoopwill cost you $19.99.

You can allow auto-renewal once a certain period of subscription is over. Again you can opt out that option in case you don’t have a plan for that right now. You cannot cancel a plan when that is running.


Privacy of the app, ‘ThaiJoop’ is guaranteed to the highest level! Your information is more than safe here. Again the person whom you are chatting is also verified through a system and therefore there is no chance of falling in unorthodox situations that can make you embarrass.

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#3 Timhop Asian Dating

Timhop Asian Dating

Asian Dating is an app works as one of the leading men and women meeting platform. It is a downloadable mobile app that you can use anywhere to get connected with other people around you. In case you are bored of seeing the same faces and want to get interacted with some new faces, Asian Dating can be your friend. Every day hundreds of women are connecting at this platform and waiting for new members to join. This is where you can gossip and chat. This is where someone can plan for dates and can meet for a coffee after the office. If you are a single and looking for a partner, useyour iPhone or android run mobile phone, download this app right now to see what’s waiting for you.

Specialty of Asian Dating:

This is really a great app that includes manymutual men and women dating related information. You can get a lot of thing in a single place. Here you can get matchmaker mini games that can help someone to swipe members easily and therefore to find her perfect match. The app itself helps its member if any similarity is revealed. This app is open for of all. This is where you can find your friend in the most convenient way. Doesn’t matter whatever the current relationship status of you, you can use this app and find you mate.

Key features of Asian Dating:

  • This is a place where unlimited messaging is possible with photo sharing. You can view as many profiles as you want. Every day new members are coming and your surface area is increasing accordingly in terms of the search area.
  • This app is not for sending the message only; rather you can use it for getting valuable information regarding different locations for perfect liaisons.
  • This is an app that can help you to search ladies by locations as cities or district. As this app cover a large area, the chance of getting interacted with more women is optimized.
  • Here you can search for women by the location and their age. Besides you can check their relationship status too. Here you can get single men and women of all age of any religion. There are divorced members too. .
  • This is where you can get numbers of gorgeous profiles. All members are covered under priority support

Subscription charge of Asian Dating:

Subscription charge is under the affordable range to all. When you will confirm a purchase, only then your account will be debited from your iTunes account. It is necessary to close any subscription at least 24 hours before of auto renewal process to set go. You can get VIP version for one month at $9.49.

Safety and security:

This app is safe for all. All profiles are verified here and therefore you will not encounter any men or any false identity. Your information is also safe here. You can check the user reviews to know more about their opinion and about the privacy they are enjoying.

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#4 Coffee Meets Bagel(CMB)

Coffee Meets Bage

Meeting and dating sites are many in numbers, so as mobile applications. ‘Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB)’ is the name of a mobile app which is largely considered as the leading dating platform. With the use of this app, you can connect with different men and women, and also the LGBT members of the community. Right now it is considered as the most efficient iPhone based dating application. For getting many real-life features this article will help.

Specialties of ‘Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB)’:

For an example here you can expect to get interactive features like behind the scene videos and many other exclusive pictures. Mobile app ‘Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB)’ is something that you can use any time at the most convenience. It is compatible for Apple users.

Key features of Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB).com:

  • This is a site that has at least 30 niche sites affiliated with. The service provider is committed utterly to provide the best service possible.
  • This is the site using what every single around the world can be connected. In that way, you can think the boundary of this site even larger than the total magnitude of region.
  • This is where you can get the largest database of single men and women, LGBT member and bisexuals, and the search facility is advanced. The messaging system works very efficiently for the users. Using those features anyone can find his Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) in a matter of time.
  • This is where you can get girls of all ages and body measurement. Besides, this is a place where you can get men and women of different region and ethnicity.
  • The process of connecting for LGBT members is a bit different than others. Every year the numbers of users are growing and it’s the right time to join in this diaspora to reveal what’s waiting for you.
  • Westerners use it most, but if you are an Asian, the gateway is still wide open. Just signing up is required to avail the free membership. Over there you can get men of all ages and skin color. You can always get answers to your preferences whilst visiting the app ‘Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB).com’.
  • If you are new to LGBT community and don’t know how the world goes, this app can be a great help for you. Here you can get rich notifications and CMB stickers.

About the subscriptions and the privacy:

Nothing to worry about the subscription of this app ‘Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB)’! There are different monthly plans. All those are affordable by everyone. All subscriptions will be renewed automatically if you don’t cancel it when a particular period is running. You have to cancel at least 24 hours before for cancellation of auto renewal subscription.

You can get 100 beans spending only $1.99. 3000 beans will cost you $24.99. This app is completely safe and secure and the users’ information is encrypted. All information is completely safe here. If you are above 17, there is no restriction for using this app.

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#5 AsianDate

Asian Date

Every day we civilized people is trying to do something for the communities. The initiatives come from a different angle and the pace of the improvement is significant. Along with social works, technology has brought a new dimension to the life. Just think, technology can ensure as a safer dating and the interaction can become fast. It’s only about reliability to ensure when someone will use technology to meet her mate for a date.

Bisexual apps are many in numbers and Asian Date is in a leading position among them. This is what you can use as a platform to start a relationship. This mobileapp can help someone to meet her mate in an old-fashioned way. This is an app that both iPhone and Android users can use.

Specialty of the app Asian Date:

The signing up process of this app is completely free. You can complete the relationship questionnaire for free too. There is no cost in sending smiles to your matches. You can upload photos from your phone and can receive regular update for free. Many insightful articles are there to help the single and divorced men and women.

As a regular subscriber you can send mail from Asian Date and also can receive. Moreover, you can check who has visited your profile. This mobile app will consume 12 MB space of your phone memory. It is also compatible with Android run devices. Majority of the reviewers has quoted good stuff about this mobile app and it is growing steadily.

Key features of the app Asian Date:

  • The messaging option of the app is fast and reliable. The notification feature is also something great that people love.
  • The common English language is built-in, so men and women of any corners of the world can use this app conveniently.
  • Twenty-four-hour service is provided by the app maker. A wide pool of people and the extended network make the chance higher to get a match fast.
  • This app is great for uploading pictures as the image quality never goes down after the upload.
  • Asian Date app can generate better matches and the matches come in a couple of batches.The texting feature of this app is really cool. This is why this app is gaining popularity each day.

Subscriptions of Asian Date:

Anyone who is over 17 years old can download this app and can subscribe. There are auto renewal options and it works within 24 hours. In case you want to change a subscription it is good to decide before the end of a certain subscription package. Once a package is activated, there is no option to cancel it.

Privacy of Asian Date:

The members of Asian Date can receive ultimate privacy as they never post anything on your Facebook wall unless permission is given. Your information will not be shared with anyone else or to any third parties. If you like someone that will show as anonymous until a match has been detected.

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