Why You Should Be Dating A Vietnamese Woman

Sick of failed relationship after failed relationship? Try giving a Vietnamese woman a chance. While they are often overlooked, they certainly have a lot to offer.

Vietnamese Woman

1. They are loyal to a fault

In western societies marriages often crumble due to a lack of loyalty. Being disloyal can come in a variety of forms, with most people thinking of cheating. While cheating is the reason why many marriages fail, this is not the only way in which someone can be disloyal. Loyalty means sticking with your partner through the good and the bad times. Not supporting them, defending them and helping them with their problems are all forms of disloyalty. Once the respect leaves the marriage, loyalty follows suit. And once a person can’t be bothered to care about their partner’s thoughts or opinions, cheating comes quickly. In Vietnamese culture loyalty is greatly valued and relationships tend to stand the test of time and struggle.

Instead of impulsively breaking up, they tend to work through their problems. They also know that marriage only works if you function as a single unit with the same goals, not two opposing forces. If you want a relationship filled with love, understanding and support, date a Vietnamese woman.

2. They contribute to the household in more ways than one

Contrary to popular belief, Vietnamese women aren’t inclined to be gold diggers. This assumption began when men approached less dignified women of Vietnamese descent and tried to lure them in with money. Of course, it worked. But this approach will work with a cheap woman of any race.

Most Vietnamese women are quite modest and proud of being independent. They will help you build a life together, but they will also put family before work. Once you have children you will never have to worry about her career being the priority. Vietnamese women understand what is the most important thing: family.

3. They are naturally nurturing

Leave a Vietnamese woman alone with children and you’ll come back to find them all playing, happy and cared for. This nurturing nature extends beyond childcare as well. They will always be attentive to your needs, look after you when you’re sick and make sure you’re comfortable. Your family will love her because she’ll always be willing to help out your mom in the kitchen and go get a beer for your dad. Make no mistake, they aren’t doormats. They won’t allow themselves to be treated like servants. But if you treat them well, they’ll treat you well in return.

4. They value domestic skills

Marrying a Vietnamese woman means that your house will always be clean and homey. They can also cook very well and will cook for you even in the beginning stages of dating. Be warned, once you eat the delicious home meals, you’ll be tempted to propose on the spot. Vietnamese gender roles are still very traditional and she’ll want to take care of household chores. In return, you should spoil her.